Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Snaps?

Everyone has different preferences. Some people swear by velcro closure diapers and hate snaps. Some people love snaps and hate velcro. Some people don't mind either way.

After almost four years of cloth diapering our son and two daughters, I've realized that I loathe velcro and love snaps! When we started, nearly all of our stash was velcro. Currently, we might have one or two rarely used velcro diapers, but it's mostly snaps.

Snaps do take a few extra seconds to put on the baby (which can be a big factor with a wiggly wiggly little one), but they just have less things to worry about overall.

  • Velcro tabs need to be folded back for laundry - and need to be folded back without being crooked (else they still snag and catch on things in the wash).

  • If baby is in just a diaper, the velcro edges can scratch clothes or skin.

  • The edges of the velcro can scratch baby and the corners can poke him.

  • The velcro keeps the front of the diaper a little stiffer. I'm not sure if this ever bothered our son or not, but sometimes it just looked like his tummy couldn't have been very comfy when leaning over.

  • Velcro can be too easy (and apparently fun) for toddlers to take off. It's much harder for a youngster to get the snaps open.

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