Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I would love to do some snap conversions for you!


If your cloth diapers have worn out aplix/touchtape/velcro, or if you are tired of it sticking to everything in the wash or rubbing on baby, snaps are a great way to go. I can easily do pocket diaper conversions, ex: Bum Genius, Happy Heiny, Haute Pockets, BlueBerry, gDiapers, Thirsties, or similar.

I can do hidden snaps too, but may not have exact matching thread choices (used for re-sewing the spot taken out to get the snaps in).

I do have matching thread for Bum Genius Moonbeam and Ribbit.

Snap colors I have available:
~bright blue
~spring green
~royal blue
~pastel green
~pastel blue
~light tan
~sage gray
~deep red
~neon pink
~dark orange

Snap colors I have available to match BG colors:


~$3.50 per diaper for pocket diapers, most fitteds, and some AIOs.
Ex: Bum Genius 3.0s & 4.0s, Bum Genius AIO Small & Medium & Large.
~$4.00 per diaper for diapers that require stitching to be removed to access the inside of the diaper to add hidden snaps, most AIOs.
Ex: Bum Genius One-Size Organic All-In-One, Bum Genius Elementals, GroVia, GroBaby.
OR for diapers that require edging to be removed and restitched.
Ex: Thirsties covers, Bummies covers.
~plus return shipping

For 20 or more diapers, I will discount by $0.50 per diaper.

Depending on the size of the order, I would estimate 2-3 days turn around time. For 10-15 diapers, it may be 3-7 days. For 15+ diapers, it may be a 4-8 days.
I do work full time, we recently had baby #2 in late January, and have a 2 year old, so life is generally pretty busy. If for some reason turn around time seems like it might take more than a week, I will contact you.

Rise Snaps

~I am also able to add rise snaps for you. $1.50 per diaper.


For return shipping, I will do USPS First Class if possible, else Priority (all with delivery confirmation).

Return shipping:
1-3 dipes $4.00
4-5 dipes $6.00
6-10 dipes $8.00
11-15 dipes $11.00
16-30 dipes $15.00

Of course, local pickups and dropoffs don't have to worry about shipping! We live a little south of Brainerd, MN.

Snap Configuration

I will do the most common snap configuration of two rows of snaps on the front, plus two snaps on each tab. If you prefer a different configuration, just let me know! I certainly am flexible! I have had moms prefer one row of snaps with two on each tab, and another prefer two rows of snaps with three or four on each tab.


I'd gladly convert your bibs to snaps too! =) I can replace the velcro with one or two snaps, or whatever you prefer.

1-10 bibs: $0.50 each bib
11+ bibs: $0.40 each bib

For bibs that require unstitching, removing the velcro, then re-stitching the trim back on, it is $1.50 for each bib.
For bibs that require unstitching, removing the velcro, adding a piece of fabric to replace the missing velcro, then re-stitching the trim back on, it is $2.00 for each bib.

The hook velcro will be removed. The loop velcro (softer, non sticky side) will not be removed if it seems to provide helpful durability to the fabric underneath the added snap.

For the bibs, if any stitching is involved, I will use whatever thread I have on hand that matches the best. This may or may not mean the seam is obviously noticable. The trim is very tricky to work with and the seams will not be as perfect or pretty as it was before.

Return shipping is the same as for the number of diapers, unless the actual shipping you paid to send it to me is less, then that amount is fine.

If you would like more feedback, I have a bunch on ebay under ssqueakert.

Please feel free to check out the posts showing examples of converted diapers and misc.

Thank you! =)



  1. I just got my diapers converted from velcro to snaps by Tandra and could not be happier! Our velcro diapers were great when my baby was small, but once she was a toddler they kept falling off her and weren't usable anymore. I sent them to Tandra and had them back in less than one week. They look beautiful and work perfectly. Thanks so much!
    Nicole Johnson

  2. Are you still doing snap conversions? Will you do Blueberry Coverall covers? And maybe I missed it, but how do I contact you about submitting an order?