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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you see the holes from the thread after the velcro is removed?
Yes. You can see where the velcro was removed. After the diaper has been washed, these holes will fade some as the fabric shifts and fills them in. It depends on how long the velcro was used. If you are looking for the holes, you probably will find them, but it is not very noticable (it's hard to find for a few of ours).

Are the snaps hidden on the inside of the diaper?
Yes. For pocket diapers, the snaps are put on through the inside of the pocket and do not go through the inner suedecloth/fleece layer. For AIO diapers without pocket openings, topstitching is removed to allow access to the inside of the diaper, then re-stitched shut when complete.

Are the snaps reinforced?
Yes. Many of the diapers already have a second layer of PUL, suedecloth, or microfleece behind the velcro area. For example, Thirsties have a second layer of PUL; Bum Genius have a liner type fabric; some Happy Heiny's do not have a second layer. If the diaper does not have any extra layers behind the outer PUL and inner fabric, I will add a layer of PUL when I add the snaps.

Can you convert AIOs?

Yes, I can convert the AIOs too. For the AIOs that have a pocket opening (ex: BG sized), it's not really any different than the pocket ones. For the AIOs that are completely closed (ex: BG OS organics), I will take out some topstitching to access the inside of the diaper, add the snaps, then re-sew it back shut. For the ones I need to re-sew, I will use whatever closest matching thread I have on hand (or white if you prefer).

Some feedback and info:
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Some Common Terms:
AIO: All-In-One

BB: BlueBerry cloth diapers
BG: Bum Genius cloth diapers
HH: Happy Heiny cloth diapers
OS: One-Size

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